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Social Media Hat Tips

What's a hat tip and how do you use it in social media?

In social media, a "hat tip" ( abbreviated as HT, H/T, or ht) is a quick way to acknowledge the source of an idea or resource that you're sharing. It's like a digital version of the old-fashioned gesture of tipping one's hat as a sign of respect or gratitude.

How it Works

  • Scenario - You find an interesting article on someone's blog and decide to share it with your followers.

  • What you do - You post the link to the article along with a brief message and a "hat tip" to the blogger. This could look like: "Great article on [topic]! HT [@blogger's username]"

Key Points about Hat Tips

  • It's a casual way to show appreciation for someone's work.

  • It's not a substitute for full attribution, especially if you're quoting content directly.

  • It's most commonly used on platforms like Twitter and blogs.

While "hat tip" is a cute way to acknowledge a source, it's important to also consider these more formal attribution methods…

  • Tagging the creator - Especially important for visual content like photos and videos.

  • Including captions with source information.

  • Quoting or mentioning the author directly in your text.

By rendering a hat tip as the situation calls for it, you ensure you're acknowledging appropriately and building a reputation for being responsible and ethical. 


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